Fraud Suspect Unsafe Account

Definition : It is a blacklist database registration system developed to protect the rights of the Buyer, Seller and/or Broker in an Escrow transaction(s), developed for the identification of the party and/or parties that give up the contract “violation(s) after signing the agreement” without reason , making untrue false statements and act outside the contract rules.

It aims to prevent “the party that does not comply with the contract” from making any further transactions with the crypto wallets or bank accounts specified in the contract.

It is a global system that is supported by the largest crypto money companies in the industry and is constantly being developed. Every day, a new cryptocurrency company and platform is joined to this system.

Acting Out Of Contract : 1st degree insecure account (Permanently)
Withdrawing From Contract : 1st degree insecure account (Permanently)
Making Untrue False Statemens : 1st degree insecure account (Permanently)
CryptoWallets & Bank Accounts Trading with These Accounts : 1st degree insecure account (Permanently)


All transactions performed on our system are scanned for FSUA and transaction is not allowed in the detection of suspicious Crypto Wallets and Bank Accounts.

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